Essential Grooming Tips

A good looking beard is no accident.

Tool 1: Quality Beard Soap

Coarse hair needs extra moisture because it can be dry, brittle, and curlier. This hair type is more susceptible to getting trapped under the skin and creating ingrown hairs. It is imperative to use beard grooming products that hydrate facial hair and skin underneath.

The truth is most store-bought soaps and shampoos actually dry out your skin and strip your facial hair of necessary oils. We recommend avoiding conventional soaps and synthetic shampoos all together. Instead, we recommend using all-natural hot processed soaps and shampoos for beard washing and all-natural beard oils and beard balms for moisturizing and conditioning.

Our beard shampoo does wonders for not only dry skin and hair — our customers rave about its healing effects related to acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Exfoliate the skin beneath your beard by using your fingertips or a washcloth for maximum cleansing and to remove any dry flaky skin that may be hiding beneath your beard.

Tool 2: Quality Beard Oil

Our beard oil is created with jojoba, Argan and tea tree oil — these oils act the most like your own natural oils, making them easy for your face and skin to absorb. Make sure any added scents in the beard oil are made with all-natural essential oil blends rather than unidentified “fragrance,” which can be full of harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and dry out hair. Essential oils, however, can actually have a beneficial effect on skin and facial hair. We recommend using a beard oil after washing your beard, when it’s nearly dry.

Tool 3: Quality Beard Balm

After applying your beard oil, follow up with our high quality, all-natural beard balm. The best beard balms will have the same moisturizers that are found in beard oils, but will also include wax-like substances like Shea Butter and beeswax to help hold in the moisture and keep your hair and skin hydrated.

You’ll also get the added benefit of a thicker-looking beard.

PRO TIP: For a smoother and shinier beard, after washing, give it a final rinse with cold water to help seal and smooth the hair cuticle.

A lot of guys don’t know what tools to use when starting their beard journey.



Here are our picks:

Your Beard Care Checklist
Make sure you have the right tools to ensure a healthier, softer, manageable beard:

1. Beard Soap – Use all-natural, hot-processed soaps, which won’t strip your skin and hair of natural oils.

2. Beard Oil– Use beard oils that contain jojoba and pure argan oil. Stick with essential oils and avoid products that use synthetic fragrances.

3. Beard Balm– your beard balm should contain both sealants, such as unbleached shea butter and beeswax, as well as moisturizers, like jojoba and argan oil.

4. Beard Brush – Boar’s hair brushes are best for distributing oils and balms evenly through facial hair, due to the natural scales along the boar’s hair bristles.

5. Beard Comb – The best beard combs have teeth with smooth edges. Cheap combs will have teeth with sharp edges, which will cause facial hair to snap or break when combing.