Beards weren’t always my thing. Like any man, the exploration with our appearance goes beyond getting a haircut or shave. When I decided to grow a beard in 2016, it was an endeavor I was dedicated to. The days where men only have a couple of products to choose from are long gone. With many brands on the market, the challenge of finding the right product was something I took seriously. Not only did these products smell unpleasant, they didn’t contribute to healthy skin and hair. Most products contained harmful chemicals and fillers that ultimately damaged my skin and the hair follicles.

I was determined to continue my “Beard Journey” but wouldn’t give in to the popular mainstream products. Through rigorous research, I was able to gain a deep understanding of carrier and essential oils by exploring their healing properties and benefits to the skin and hair. Based on my research, I began experimenting with combinations and after tireless efforts and many attempts, I created a formulation that is gentle on the skin yet promotes strong healthy hair & growth. With that formula, Dapper Society was formed.